Summer Party 2017

Everyone is invited to FC 04 Oberursel Summer Party

Please join us on Saturday, August 19th from 11am at Stierstädter Heide. There will be many activities and a lot of fun for all ages:

  • Presentation of new players and coaches
  • Goal wall shooting
  • Soccer Olympics
  • Awarding long-year engaged members
  • Bouncy castle
  • Lottery

We’ll serve coffee, softdrinks and cake. We look forward to see you!

Up and alive again

Oberursel’s oldest football club faced difficult times in the past. The soccer field and the club house need a clean-up for quite some time and the public visibility of the club was declining. Although there was a huge engagement from the team – coaches and players – the 1. team had to move down to Kreisliga B. There were so many things that needed attention, and a way too small amount of active club members in support.

The new 1. FC 04 team deeply thanks everyone who stayed engaged, even along difficult times. Only this made the new start possible. Now there is a lot to do: negotiations with the town’s public administrations, conversations with new players and potential sponsors and exchanging ideas how the area at Stierstädter Heide can improve and become vital again.

Fortunately, it’s not back to square one: More than 100 young boys and girls are chasing the ball, led by engaged coaches. One of the things we want to do soon is around the club’s name: it should be again the 1. Fußballclub 04 Oberursel. A name with a long tradition and that is associated to many years and decades of playing soccer in Oberursel. But it is more then the name: We aim to fill the club with life. We are thinking of a seasonal opening, joint celebrations, championships, excursions and more…

Let yourself be surprised – or even better: